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Pegging: What is it and why should you try it?

Pegging: What is it and why should you try it?

I f you’ve been exploring our range of sex toys or have been reading up on kinky things to do in the bedroom, you may have noticed a term that you may not be familiar with namely pegging.

What is pegging?

If you are not very adventurous in the bedroom or prefer rather “traditional” roles in your sexual relationship, then you will most likely be a complete stranger to pegging, but don’t worry you are not alone. Pegging, quite simply is the sex act where a man (or woman) is being anally penetrated by a woman wearing a strap on dildo.

The first time we really got to find out about strap-ons and women coming out in public saying that “fucking your boyfriend in the ass is fun” was in Bend Over Boyfriend (or BOB for short). Bend Over Boyfriend was a revolutionary series of sex education videos by Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano, which were released in 1989 by the sex toy company Good Vibrations.

The series guided the viewer step by step through the process of how to have anal sex with a strap-on dildo by means of role-play and fantasy. It also gave suggestions as to how you could broach the topic of anal sex with your partner and debunked some of the most common myths of anal sex.

Bend Over Boyfriend is generally considered to be the first in-depth video series that taught people exactly how to have anal sex, without it being patronising or sleazy.

Recent more open acceptance of sex and sex toys in the media means that pegging has also made an appearance in a couple of more mainstream tv programmes. Most notably in one of the recent episodes of Broad City on Comedy Central. Where a minor misunderstanding about switching things up between Abbi and her neighbour Jeremy leads to some new discoveries for our leading lady.

Why is it called pegging?

The term “pegging” officially entered our vocabulary in 2001 after Dan Savage, the sex advice columnist and author of books such as “It gets better” and “American Savage” held a competition to come up with a new name.

A total of 12,103 people took part and made the choice between the 3 terms “bob”, “punt” and “peg”, with the latter being a clear victor, putting “pegging” firmly on the sexual map.

How popular is pegging?

Here at Kinkybuddies, we have noticed that strap on dildos and harnesses have been a consistent seller and make up an important part of our sales. Over the past few years, we have seen an important increase in the number of couples that have expressed an interest in using strap ons for female to male role play.

It is safe to say that as we become more and more adventurous in the bedroom that more people will try pegging.

Do people actually enjoy pegging their partner?

Pegging is still seen by some as a bit of a taboo topic and isn’t that widely accepted by men and women who haven’t really heard about it. Luckily the majority of people we spoke to who have actually pegged their partner admitted that they thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Each has their own personal reason why they enjoy it, but most say that it is so different from their regular sex and creates a different kind of intimacy.

They confessed that pegging puts them in an exciting sexual situation they don’t usually find themselves in as a woman. Having the roles reversed in such a drastic way gave them a more dominant position during sex, mixing aspects of intimacy, power and control they normally don’t experience in vanilla sex.

Some women also like the visual stimulation and the sensation of seeing their partner’s reaction while they peg them, to watch how much they enjoy it and knowing that they are in charge over what their partner is feeling.

Why do heterosexual men like pegging?

It is easy to fall into the trap to assume that if a guy likes to be penetrated that he must be gay, but that simply isn’t true. Whether you like anal stimulation or not has absolutely nothing to do with being gay.

Truth is, men have been enjoying anal sex for millennia so I think it is safe to say that being penetrated via their backside is pretty enjoyable for most guys otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it … right? Whether that penetration is being done by another guy or a woman is pretty irrelevant don’t you think?

The difference with regular anal sex and being pegged with a dildo is that the latter offers a lot more opportunities for variety. There are so many different dildos available in any shape, size, texture, soft, hard, with or without vibration, the choice is endless.

Whats more, because some of the attachments available are specifically designed to target and stimulate the prostate gland during sex, many men report that the orgasms they achieve while pegging are the best orgasms they’ve ever experienced.

How do you start pegging?

If you are curious and want to try pegging for the first time yourself then we have put together a few handy tips that will help you get on the way.

Step 1: Find yourself the right pegging toys

Pegging is quite an active way of having sex and does require sex toys that are suited for it. Pegging toys usually come in two big parts: the harness and the dildo.

Pegging Harness

The harness is the part that your partner straps on and which serves to support and keep the dildo in place. It is essential that it fits snugly round your hips and that it will do a good job of supporting and keeping the dildo in place.

If you look around online you will quickly notice that there are a wide variety of harnesses on the market ranging from elaborate contraptions with straps and buckles all the way to harnesses that look like a pair of boxer shorts that you can just slip on.

Regardless of the type of harness you choose it is important to make sure that it fits comfortably without moving around too much. Otherwise you won’t fully enjoy the experience.

There are some good pegging beginners kits on the market, which will do the job, but from our own experience we know that once you get a taste for pegging you will want to upgrade to something a bit more sturdy. I would suggest to aim for a more mid range harness like the All American Whoppers by Nasstoys.

Pegging Dildo

Dildos are where the pegging fun really starts. Dildos that are suitable for use with a harness can be easily recognised because of their large flared base. This helps to secure them firmly inside the rings of the harness.

Most strap on dildos have a flat base so that they sit flush with the harness, but some versions have little bumps or ridges which will grind against the clitoris with each trust. Some even are double ended so that both partners get stimulated during pegging. It all comes down to your personal preference and mood.

If you aren’t 100% sure that the dildo you are looking at is suitable for harness use then you can always ask the seller for more information.

I know that it can be tempting to go for the impressive big dildos you see in adverts or in porn, but if you are a first-time pegger we would recommend that you don’t. Instead opt for a dildo that is maybe a bit smaller, thiner and with a curved design. The curved design will help to reach a man’s prostate, making the experience even more intense. Because pegging dildos are easily interchangeable, you can always go for a bigger dildo once you get more experienced and know what you like.

Step 2: Get lubed up.

As with all anal sex, using a good quality lube is very important. Use a generous amount of lubrication and don’t hesitate to reapply as necessary.

Since you are using a dildo it is important to make sure that you choose a lube that is suitable for use with your toy. Most strap on dildos are made of silicone so a water based lubricant is recommended.

It is important to not just lube your toy, but also your partners anus to make sure that things go smoothly and without injuries. Getting tube inside your anus can be a bit tricky so use an anal lube with a specialised applicator head or a handy lube applicators like the lube shooter, which are made especially for anal lubrication. Using them will make sure you get it in the right spot.

Step 3: Relax and enjoy.

Half the fun of pegging is sharing the experience with your partner. It can be an amazing way to spice up your love life and to engage in some role play. So start slow, communicate and see where you can take things together.

Do you enjoy a bit of pegging with your partner or are you thinking about strapping on that strap-on, then please feel free to comment below. And as usual, if you liked this post then please help us get the word out about the site by sharing on Facebook or re tweeting.

Cock Rings: The Complete Beginners Guide

Cock Rings: The Complete Beginners Guide

Cock Rings: The Complete Beginners Guide

 Cock rings may not have been the thing Beyonce had in mind when she sang:”If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it”, but fact is that more and more guys are buying cock rings to spice things up in the bedroom.

What Is A Cock Ring?

Like the name suggests a cock ring is a ring that you wear round your cock. Cock rings or penis rings are usually worn round the base of the penis, but there are also versions that are worn behind the testicles. Some rings even have built in vibrators or attachments for additional stimulation.

What Does A Cock Ring Actually Do?

The main goal of a cock ring is to restrict the base of the penis and put pressure on the blood vessels to slow the flow of blood out of the erect penis. This can help men to temporarily get harder erections over a longer period of time. Some men even say that wearing a cock ring increases their sensitivity and helps to heighten their orgasm. Apart from helping you keep an erection they can also look pretty hot.

Where Do You Put A Cock Ring?

I know, the name can be a bit of a give a way, but positioning of your cock ring is important and can affect its efficiency. Rings are generally worn around the base of the shaft of the penis, making sure the ring is as close to your body as possible. However they tend to be more effective when you wear them around both the shaft and the testicles, constricting your whole genital area.

There are also cock rings which are worn at the top of the penis, just below the glans. These however are usually worn to support a sound or a plug, which is something different altogether.

What Are Cock Rings Made Off?

Cock rings are made from a wide variety of materials. There are cock rings which are made from stretchy materials such as rubber, silicone, neoprene, leather and imitation leather as well as more rigid and stiff materials such as steel, titanium, acrylic or even wood.

Whatever material you choose for your cock ring really depends on your personal preference and taste. Some guys like narrow rings, some like wider ones; others like stretchy rings while others prefer a rigid stiff ring. It all comes down to personal preferences and what you like.

As a general recommendation we suggest people to start off with softer stretchy materials or rings that have a quick release mechanism like snaps or a toggle. These rings tend to be far more forgiving for beginners and can be removed quickly if you feel discomfort.

Once you get more experienced with cock rings and how they feel you can always move on to more solid rigid materials like steel or titanium. The solid cock rings are also usually chosen in a size that fits snug and close to your own personal anatomy, pretty much like you would buy a ring for your fingers.

If you are going to wear a metal cock ring or one which has bare metal parts that are touching your skin, make sure that it conforms to general jewelry standards. For instance BS EN 1811:2011+A1:2015 is the British Standard (the little kite mark) and European Standard which specifies the reference test method for release of nickel from products intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

It is the quality standard that applies to all metal jewellery really, be it general jewellery, body piercings or intimate jewellery to make sure that they don’t contain metals that can cause allergies when in contact with your skin.

How Do You Put A Cock Ring On?

There are a few different methods to put a cock ring on depending on the type or style, but one thing all cock rings have in common is that you put them on when your penis is still flaccid or only semi-erect. So a bit of forward planning on your part may be required.

What types of cock rings are there?

There are several types or kinds of cock rings you can get, but in general they fall into 3 larger groups.

Variable Size Cock ring

If you have a ring which has a variable size then you simply place the ring over the base of your penis and tighten it to your personal preference.

These type of rings can be varied in size by means of a drawstring and toggle, snap poppers or a slider system like the Perfect Fit Speed Shift 17 Adjustments Cock Ring.

Stretchy Cock Rings

If you are using a stretchy ring then all you have to do is take the ring and slightly stretch it between your fingers to make it bigger; a bit like stretching an elastic band. Place it over the base of your penis and let it go back to its original shape.

Some stretch rings like the Titanmen tools C ring set have easy grip side tabs that help you stretch the ring more easily.

Solid Cock Rings

If you have a rigid, solid ring like the Tom of Finland solid aluminium cock ring then it is best to put it on when your penis is semi-erect.

To start, put some lube on your penis, slide the ring to the base of the shaft, hold it in place and wipe off any excess lube to stop the ring from sliding about.

Then you can proceed to bring yourself to a full erection which will keep the ring in place.

What Size Cock Ring Should You Get?

Before you go out and buy a cock ring, especially the more rigid rings it is best to measure yourself to get the right size. Measuring is important and will guarantee that you find a ring that will fit you more appropriately and that will function properly for your penis.

In our previous post: Get the right size cock ring: how to measure yourself we looked at the best way of measuring yourself to ensure a good fit. So if you want to know the best way to measure, you might want to check that post out.

How Long Can You Wear A Cock Ring For?

The length of time you can wear a cock ring really depends on the type and the fit. Very tight rings or very restrictive solid rings should never be worn more than 20-30 minutes maximum at a time to avoid permanent damage to your penis.

Bespoke decorative rings or rings specifically fitted to your own personal anatomy may be worn for longer periods of time, provided they are not the restrictive type. It goes without saying that you should pay attention to any signs of discomfort that may occur.

If at any time during the use of your cock ring your penis should feel numb, cold or in discomfort then we strongly recommend you remove it asap. Trapped nerves or blood clots can be a real risk if you don’t pay attention or misuse your ring and are certainly not part of good sex.

Are There Any Medical Restrictions On Wearing A Cock Ring?

In general it is recommended that you don’t use cock rings if you are diabetic, have any kind of blood or nerve disease or if you are taking any type of blood-thinning medication. If that is the case then you should always speak to your doctor first before you decide to use a cock ring.

It goes without saying that you also shouldn’t use a cock ring if you are injured, swollen (other than an erection) or sore in your groin/genital area.

How Do you Remove A Cock Ring?

Remove a cock ring is usually a very simple procedure. If you are wearing a soft, stretchy ring or a ring with poppers or snaps, removal is quite straightforward. Simply stretch the ring or open the poppers and remove the ring from your penis.

If you are wearing a rigid or seamless ring, you may need to work a bit on your removal technique. The best way is to relax yourself, slow down or stop what you are doing until your erection goes down far enough so you can remove the ring.

Adding some lube will help to slide the ring off more easily. If you can’t relax yourself enough then splashing some cold water on your genitals can help to shrink things down to a more manageable size.

Where To Get A Great Cock Ring

Cock rings are a great addition to any guys toy box, they can be a lot of fun and will certainly add some spice to your sex life when used properly. Why not have a look at our full range of  cock rings on offer and experiment to see which one is the best for you.

Right Size Cock Ring: How to measure yourself

Right Size Cock Ring: How to measure yourself

Right Size Cock Ring: How to measure yourself

Why do men use a cock ring?

The main goal of a cock ring is to restrict the base of the penis and put pressure on the blood vessels inside, which in turn helps to slow down the flow of blood out of the erect penis. Getting the right size cock ring will help in getting that tight fit round the base of the shaft that maintains an erection.

Cock rings are specifically designed to help men to temporary get harder erections over a longer period of time. Cock rings can be useful for men who suffer from simple common erectile dysfunctions like premature ejaculation of difficulty maintaining an erection for a longer period of time.

Some men even say that wearing a cock ring increases their sensitivity and helps to heighten their orgasm, but others find it more difficult to ejaculate with a ring on. It all depends on your own personal circumstances.

What is a cock ring?

Like the name suggests a cock ring is a ring that you wear round your cock. Cock rings are usually worn round the base of the penis, but there are also versions that are worn behind the testicles, some even have built in vibrators or attachments for additional stimulation.

The versions with built in vibrators can add pleasurable sensations for both partners. Some have a small bullet vibrator that sits on top of the ring and which serves to stimulate the clitoris others have vibrating mechanisms that sit below the penis the stimulate the testicles or the perineum.

If you want to read a bit more about cock rings, please head over to our “complete beginners guide to cock rings” which will give you more information about types and uses of cock rings.

How to get the right size cock ring?

When it comes to cock rings size does matters. Buying a ring that is too small will only result in pain, discomfort and disappointment. The same goes for buying a ring that is too big as it won’t function properly and just slip off.

So getting the right size cock ring, one with a proper fit, is important. What you want is a snug, but effective fit.

Cock ring sizes are usually expressed in diameters, either in mm, cm or in inches. So in order to find the perfect size for you, you’ll have to whip your penis out and measure up.

3 Simple steps to measure yourself for the right size cock ring

For conventional cock rings this is the best 3 step method to measure yourself that we know of. All you need is a measuring tape (the flexible fabric kind like a tailor uses). If you don’t have one of those a simple piece of string and a marker will work too.

Now, find yourself a place where you can relax, focus and where you wont be disturbed. Then get yourself fully aroused and erect (or better get someone to help you).

Step 1: measure the circumference of your penis

Take a measurement with the measuring tape by wrapping it round the base of your penis; right where the shaft enters your body. You can either do this in inches, cm or mm … whatever your preference.

If you are using the piece of string method, then take the piece of string and slip it around the base of your penis, again right where the shaft enters your body. The string should be pulled snug to be able to get an accurate measurement, but take care not to pull it too taught so that it digs into your skin or your measurement will be wrong. Believe me this will be the only time you’ll hear that a couple of millimetres do make a difference when it comes to penis size.

The same method will also work if you are measuring for a cock ring that goes behind your testicles. In that case simply slip the string behind your balls and follow the same procedure. 

Mark the string in pen or with a marker on the point where the string comes together or crosses over.

Now remove the piece of string, put it on a flat surface and measure the distance between the two  marks.

This measurement will give you the circumference of your penis or the circumference round your balls behind your scrotum and your penis (if you are measuring for that type of ring).

Step 2: And repeat

Repeat this process a couple of times to make sure that you get an even more accurate measurement.

Step 3: calculate the right size cock ring diameter

The next step will involve a bit of simple math. Take an average of the measurement you just took and divide this by 3.14159 (or Pi for those that paid attention in geometry class). This measurement will give you the desired diameter or ideal cock ring size.

Here are some sample measurements to give you an idea of how it works:

  • Circumference: 157mm => 157 / 3.14159 = 49.97469 => Diameter (ring size): 50 mm
  • Circumference: 18.8 cm => 18.8 / 3.14159 = 5.98 => Diameter (ring size): 6 cm
  • Circumference: 5.75 inches = 5.75 / 3.14159 =  1.83 => Diameter (ring size): 1.83 inches

When you choose a rigid, inflexible ring in metal, wood or acrylic make sure that the diameter of the cock ring is not smaller than your physical measurement. Otherwise you may not even be able to put the ring on or it might cause serious discomfort.

Now finding out the right size cock ring was simple don’t you think?

Still not sure about the right size cock ring for you?

If you are still not 100% sure about your measurements or if you are new to using a cock ring, then maybe it is best to start with a stretchy ring or one with snaps or a toggle. These rings can be adjusted to a size that suits you and they can also be taken off easily if you experience any pain or discomfort.

If you are keen to try out some cock rings, then why not browse a full selection of cock rings in our online shop.

Anal sex toys: the beginners guide.

Anal sex toys: the beginners guide.

Anal sex toys: the beginners guide.

Anal sex toys: taboo or turn on?

Your anus has thousands of sensitive nerve endings in and around it so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that playing with your bum hole can bring a new level of pleasure to your love making. Anal sex toys have been made especially to take full advantage of those sensitive nerve endings and give you mind blowing stimulation.

Beginners guide to anal sex toys

But(t) where do you start? What anal toy should you use? What options do you have to indulge in anal play. If you are not sure let us give you a quick run down on the most popular types of anal toys and how they can spice up your sex life in our complete beginners guide to anal sex toys.


Ass Servant Butt Plug by Doc Johnson

Ass Servant Butt Plug by Doc Johnson

When you talk about anal toys, a butt plug is usually the first thing that will come to mind. Butt plugs are probably also the first kind of anal toy most people will experiment with when they start anal play.

Their simple design and unique anal stimulation makes them a firm favourite with both beginners and veterans of bum play.

The basic butt plug design offers unique stimulation, especially when it is paired with other activities like oral sex or vaginal intercourse. The sensation of fullness and being stretched open that butt plugs provide can produce incredibly powerful orgasms for both women and men.

Butt plugs are a very versatile toy.

You can use them to massage, tease or stimulate the anal area as part of sex play. Or they can be used to stretch your anus before you enjoy something a bit bigger, like a dildo, a benwa ball or your partner’s penis.

Butt plugs can also be used for more long-term stimulation. You may not know it, but many people actually enjoy the sensation of wearing a butt plug whilst they go about their day to day activities. Either just for themselves or as part of Dom/sub play. We can guarantee you that wearing a but plug will certainly makes your trip to the supermarket more exciting!

For a bigger selection of butt plugs head over to our shop.


Exxxtreme Ballz Silicone Challenger by SI Novelties

Exxxtreme Ballz Silicone Challenger by SI Novelties

Anal beads are usually a series of balls or beads which are joined together by a flexible material like a string or a silicon stem.

Anal Beads are an ideal toy for beginners. The first few beads are usually smaller but slowly get bigger in size, allowing you to enjoy more and more girth and length as you insert the toy.

They can be used alone or with a partner for a unique anal stimulation during masturbation or to add some sensation during intercourse.

One of the things you can do is to pull the beads out just before orgasm to add to the excitement and to experience an intense sensation unlike anything else you’ve ever had before!

Anal beads are the perfect toy for both beginners and experienced anal players. We recommend you check out the rest of the anal beads to see if something tickles your fancy.


Smooth tool anal dildo by Doc Johnsson

Smooth tool anal dildo by Doc Johnsson

Regular dildos can of course be used for anal play, but they may be a little bit too intense or advanced for some beginners. That is why we would recommend you start off with a specific anal dildo.

Anal dildos usually come with tapered heads for easier insertion and are often shaped to stimulate certain specific pleasure zones on the inside.

For Women these shaped dildo will stimulate the sensitive back wall of the vagina similar to a G-spot stimulator (but from the other side) which can create some interesting new sensations.

For men, the shaped part of the dildo will allow you to reach erogenous zones like the sensitive prostate gland that aren’t possible to stimulate any other way.

Anal dildos can come as solid toys or with built in vibrators, whichever takes your fancy really.

Vibrating anal dildos are the perfect toy for those who have already experienced the sensation of vibrations elsewhere on the body. Your new buzzing butt buddy not only provides fantastic penetration but also provides that added tingling sensations to your sphincter, which will allow you to relax into the best orgasm ever!

There is a huge number of anal dildos available in a variety of different sizes, shapes, with and without vibration; there is sure to be one to fit you.


7 Function Bad-Boy Prostate Massager

7 Function Bad-Boy Prostate Massager

Sorry ladies, but this is an anal sex toy just for guys or to use on your guy. We already mentioned that shaped anal dildos can help you to get to those hard to reach sensitive spots. Prostate massagers will let you stimulate areas your guy never even knew he had.

We won’t go into too many technical details here, but suffice to say that the prostate is the male equivalent of the g-spot. It is located just a few inches inside the anus and is just begging to be discovered and massaged.

Using one of our prostate massagers will give your guy mind blowing new sensations and can lead to a full body orgasm, known as the “Super O”.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the prostate massagers out.


Bendie power double dildo by California Exotic Novelties

Bendie power double dildo by California Exotic Novelties

For the more experienced anal sex toy aficionado double penetration will only be small step for mankind.

Maybe you are just curious about double penetration (DP), but don’t really feel comfortable with inviting someone else to the party? Then don’t worry, we have a range of toys that can help you plug both ends.

Like their name suggest double penetration toys are designed for simultaneous penetration, providing ultimate anal and vaginal pleasure for the more experienced lovers.

If you want to try your hand at double the fun then we recommend you take a look at the complete range of double dildos.


Anal douche by California Exotic Novelties

Anal douche by California Exotic Novelties

We don’t need to get into details, but if you are going to indulge in anal play then cleanliness is maybe one of the things that should be on your mind. Having anal sex is much more fun if you don’t have to worry about little accidents happening.

If you want to be squeaky clean before you indulge in anal play, then it may be worthwhile investing in a douche or enema kit.

These clever pieces of kit dispense water or other leaning fluid straight into it into the rectum, helping to remove any waste materials and leaving you ready and primed for safe, clean, hygienic sex!

Although it may seem like a strange thing to do at first, but once you try a douche you’ll always want to use it before every anal play session! Check out the whole range of anal douches, enemas and other anal hygiene products.


King Cock Jizzle juice 2 oz

King Cock Jizzle juice 2 oz

One other thing! If you are going to indulge in anal play, always make sure you have plenty of lubricant to hand to lube your toys and your anus.

Unlike a vagina, your anus isn’t self lubricating so it will need some help in that department.

A good quality lube will help to prevent injuries and make the whole experience so much more pleasurable for everybody involved.

It doesn’t matter if they are water or silicon based, but just make sure they are suitable for your toy.

If you aren’t sure which lube to use then why not check out the complete range of lubes?

We hope this short guide has helped you to give you a brief introduction to the various types of anal toys there are available and given you some ideas on how to add some variety to your sex life.

If you are interested in some more anal action and want to step things up a bit then why not read our advice on pegging